Chestnut Blossom Print

Chestnut Blossom Print
Chestnut Blossom Print
  • 100% Cotton
  • 54" wide
  • 401gsm*
  • 561glm**
*grams per square metre.
**grams per lineal metre.

Prices start from ( per metre )

£14.40 ( per metre )

What quantity would you like?

Minimum Quantity: 1

Maximim Quantity: 45


Qty Discount
6 - 10 £13.92
11 - 20 £13.44
21 - 30 £12.96
31 - 40 £12.48
41 - 50 £12.00

Would you like a sample?:

Are you happy with your selection?

We strongly advise that you request a free sample of the fabric before purchase. This will give you a better idea of colour and feel. You may order 1 40 x 70mm sample of each fabric free of charge. Please note that all samples will be of 1st quality fabric.
In addition, we allow the option of requesting a 1/2 metre, full width sample of the respective fabric at 50% of the cost of a full metre. Postage for this is free. You may request 1 Full Width Sample per fabric. Please note that this is only available on 1st quality fabrics and not End-of-Line stock or 2nd quality.